Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guest Curator: MmmCrafts

I am so excited to introduce the creator behind these beautiful designed and intricately sewn needle books that are finding their way through the pages of the internet. I oohed and awed over these for months before I realized they were made with Benzie's very own Merino wool blend felt. What a fun surprise!

I welcome Larissa Holland, creator and craftswoman behind these needle books and Benzie's newest guest curator. Her shop, MmmCrafts is full of beautiful and well designed lovelies. Larissa's graphic design experience plays out in beautiful lines and complementary colors. I can't wait to see what she creates next!

The colors chosen are representative of her work and her constant go-to colors for her softies and needle books. The MmmCrafts Basics collection is currently available at Benzie. Perfect combo, don't you think?

Here are just two of several beautiful patterns that can be purchased through MmmCrafts shop:

Love, love the Katy Kitty pattern -you must see the adorable coat that comes with it! Here are Larissa's links:
MmmCrafts Shop
MmmCraft Blog

And Larissa's felt favorites:
MmmCrafts Basics Color Collection

Now it's time to get crafting!


  1. Who's blushing? This girl. Thanks for such a kind post, and for the chance to curate a collection!

  2. I have been a fan of Larissa's for sometime. Love her blog and have even purchased some patterns from her. Thank you for this lovely post and her lovely color collection!

  3. Cute items and she is a great designer!

  4. Lovely work , I especially love the needlecases :-)

  5. So glad you are enjoying MmmCrafts! Make sure you check out her blog too -more fun goodies!!


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