Friday, May 17, 2013

Embroidery Floss

Felt and Floss
What's that you say? Felt... and embroidery floss? Yes! Benzie now has the most recommended floss in the world -DMC and in every color of our Benzie rainbow. We have searched and scoured for the best hue to coordinate with our shades of wool blend felt making stitching and embroidery projects come together seamlessly.

Rainbow Embroidery Floss from Benzie

Garden Embroidery Floss from Benzie
Our felt collections are a favorite and now there are floss groups to match. These two are my favorite but there are more in the shop. You can also choose floss by its DMC number or by our felt color (it's a whole lot easier to say a name, don't you think?). There may be some hue and shade difference between felt and floss -but you'll find that it coordinates quite well. Welcome to Benzie's newest rainbow!


  1. Lovely! This makes matching my floss and Benzie felt so much easier. One stop shopping--thanks!! =)

    1. That's right!! Super easy so you'll have time to stitch more!


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