Sunday, May 6, 2012

Felt like a tutorial: Flowers!

Flowers are like fireworks, displaying their color and beauty for a short time and then fading away. We have to be alert to even notice some of them at all. Especially those that only bloom once in the Spring and then wait another year before putting on a show. Other flowers are more generous, giving us beauty for an entire season, seducing butterflies and hummingbirds.

Selecting my favorite felt flowers was a challenge since all of them capture a different element of assembly that makes them charming in their own right. Some are loosely folded together and hot glued, while others are meticulously sewn together petal by petal. They can be attached to hair clips, purses, brooches, or added to stems for a long lasting bouquet.

I chose the most interesting flower creations to inspire you to try something new with felt for this month of May flowers.

1.       No-Sew Felt Flower – from Marryl All Write
These petite flowers are added to barrettes and a stretchy headband.

2.   Large Felt Flower – from Tres French Hens 
Flower petals with seams down the middle to add depth.

3.       Flower Pin – from Jones Design Company
A little hot glue and a few shapes of felt create this pin.

4.       Gray Felt Flowers – from Craftaholics Anonymous
Strips of felt are twisted and stitched for this loose creation.

5.       Felt Tulips – from While She Naps
A bouquet of tulips to last you for years, these are very realistic.

6.       Felt Flower – from Food, Wine & Mod Podge
After this is all stitched up it's ready to be put wherever you want it!

7.       Felt Flower Hair Clip – from Ordinary Mommy Design
This simple, flat flower benefits from embroidered details.

8.       Felt Rose – from How Joyful
I confess... these are my favorite; the layers on the outside and the compact center are gorgeous.

9.       Felt Brooch – from Betz White
Lots of separate petals give this flower a fun, happy feel.

Jen Van Oosbree enjoys the versatility of Benzie felt, slow strolls through the garden and camping with her family. She brings monthly DIY selections to the world of Benzie Felt Fanfare.


  1. awesome thank you.must check these out !
    love your felt

  2. Thank you very much for the link!


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