Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instagram Flashback: May

Instagram has got to be my favorite social media to date. No words -just photos -and so easy! Click and post all in an instant! Take a peak @benziedesign, I tend to share more outside of the Benzie realm here. This is some of May's memories:
1. Updated business cards -they should go out soon!
2. Sugar scrubs leftover from Crafternoon -seriously easy: Sugar + Olive Oil + few drops of essential oil and you've got yourself a scrub!
3. Husband graduated and got himself an M.Div -and figuring out life. (Really -shouldn't we have that done by now?!)
4. Working on a little backstitch. I've definitely got that down -how about you?
5. Little gift from my sister-in-law and her brand new etsy shop!
6. Every six weeks it's my turn to go to the farm for our co-op. My children so look forward to this and I reflect on the rural, supposedly more simplistic life. Maybe it's just me trying to figure out life again?

See you on Instagram!

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