Monday, November 5, 2012

Cranberry Jello -diy and pattern

Thanksgiving classics -turkey, green bean casserole and.... cranberries! And what better way to serve cranberries than in a jello mold?! Here's my contribution for the big day -a pattern and diy instructions so you can make your very own felt cranberry jello side dish!
felt jello diy
felt food pattern
1. Supplies: Benzie felt -I used Brick and Fern (and a scrap of Zucchini), matching thread, needle,  scissors, thread, bit of poly-fill (not pictured) and pattern.
2. First -cut all your piece out of the felt. The trapezoid and flower shapes are for the jello mold and the leaf shape is for the lettuce. First sew the trapezoid shapes together. I used a mixture of the back stitch and blanket stitch. You could also whip stitch but small and neat stitches are key. Then add the top and bottom of the mold and a bit bit of stuffing. 
3. Cut out mint leaves -and attach.
4. Cut out the lettuce leaf. To make the veins -I machine sewed the crease. This could also be handstitched. 
5. Lettuce!
6. Cranberry jello mold is complete!
felt thanksgiving pattern

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