Friday, April 13, 2012

Anemone Brooch by Benzie

I've been working on a little project -a brooch inspired by an anemone. They are gorgeous flowers -large petals with dark button centers and distinctive stamen. Just gorgeous and I envisioned one as a brooch. I made my first one over a year ago -it looked something like this:I've worn it a lot over the past year, even fulfilling some custom orders for friends. This gave me the opportunity to refine, tweak, perfect and refine some more (yep -total perfectionist!!). And now I have some ready in Benzie's handmade shop -and just in time for mothers day!
Loving the little french knots!  Enjoy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Felt like a Tutorial: Wreaths

Is there a more classic decoration than the wreath? Whether it greats your guests at the front door, hangs above the fireplace, or graces a wall in your home, the wreath is a timeless form of creative expression. Wreaths are very popular these days as people free themselves from the traditional and explore bolder adaptations.

Historically wreaths have symbolized many things; by being displayed at a funeral or memorial service, they represent the circle of life. When they are made of dried grains and flowers and put out in the Fall they celebrate harvest time. In ancient Greece and Rome they were even used to show an occupation or rank. Amazingly, the wreath is still just as familiar today as it has been throughout history.

When deciding whether to hang a wreath in my own home, I find the circle of life meaning to be what the wreath represents for me. But these days, the more fashionable the wreath – the better! You can jazz them up with felt in many ways and there’s no end to the possibilities. I hope you find these wreath selections inspiring!

1.       Autumn Wreath – from Withywindle
Change the colors to fit the season with this 1 hr. creation.

2.       Leaves & Lace Felt Wreath – from burlap & blue
Create texture with overlapping layers of curled felt.

3.       College Colors Argyle Yarn Wreath – from Spirals & Spatulas
Support your favorite team while decorating!

4.       Felt Flower Wreath – from Twig & Thistle
Floral elements pop from this jazzed up wreath.

5.       Leafy Felt Wreath – from mollee sullivan
Change this wreath to match the season, swapping out the daisies for red berries.

6.       A Pretty Rosie Wreath – from the pretty poppy
Contrast elegant felt roses with textured twigs.

7.       Ruffles & Yarn Wreath – from Six Sisters’ Stuff
Simple and fun, add as many ruffles as you please!

8.       Nonna Wreath – from Jones Design Company
Bunch and scrunch the felt around this wreath to create texture.

9.       Scalloped Felt Wreath – from a bit of sunshine when skies are grey
Choose your favorite colors to make this wreath pop! 

Jen Van Oosbree enjoys the versatility of Benzie felt, the awesomeness of graphic design and the fun of Girl Scouts. She brings monthly DIY selections to the world of Benzie Felt Fanfare.
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