Thursday, July 12, 2012

Felt like a tutorial: Party!

One of the best things about planning a party is taking a theme and applying it to every last detail. The atmosphere, food, games and decorations all relate to shape a unique experience. An ordinary room or space is transformed into something magical. Adding drama with a huge mobile in the dining room, or hundreds of paper lanterns at a picnic shelter; parties give us the opportunity to think outside the box with our d├ęcor.

The anticipation of a party is also a wonderful thing, especially for children that may have helped plan along the way. They know there will be few limitations on the goodies, drinks and fun to be had, and there will be lots of friends around to partake in the festivities.

When you begin to plan your next party, consider using felt. It is an inexpensive way to add bold color and handmade detail to your gathering. Garlands, banners, party hats, gift wrapping, bows, mobiles, cake toppers – there is no end to the joy you can create with felt.

1. Rainbow Table Runner - Say Yes to Hoboken
Triangles of felt are ironed onto a heat and bond backing for a quick result.

2. Felt Birthday Hats - Princess Lasertron
Saturate the felt with stiffening spray then add homemade ruffles and a pom pom. 

3. Felt Flower Garland - Mom it Forward
Felt flower shapes are hot glued together around green ribbon. 

4. Felt Crown - hellobee
Two colors of felt are shaped together to create a fun crown for party guests.

Pinking shears and stitch witchery make this project very simple to complete.

6. Ruffle Garland - My Blessed Life
A needle and twine are all you need to work your felt strips into ruffles.

7. Felt Gift Bows - Prudent Baby
Nine strips of felt are twisted into loops and glued on top of each other to shape this lasting bow.

8. Cake Topper - Wedding Chicks
Felt makes a great cake topper, this embellished heart uses fabric glue and a few stitches.

9. Modern Colorful Mobiles - Project Wedding
Replace the paper in this tutorial with felt, add some stiffening spray, and stitch them into a row.
Jen Van Oosbree is a stay-at-home mom with two daughters and enjoys spending the summer at the local library. She brings monthly DIY selections to the colorful world of Benzie Felt Fanfare.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Instagram Flashback: June

1. First thing on Junes bucket list was a visit to the Art Institute to see Roy Lichtenstein's exhibit. Images of hotdogs, comic strips and out of proportion brush strokes filled each room as we walked through his early images of Mickey Mouse to his final landscape images. All made with his signature pattern of dots -inspired by newsprint -but painted, not printed by hand and with a help of a stencil. Big, bright and bold -this is how I would paint, if I were a painter.

2. We are crazy about Legos over here! My son wakes up playing with them, talks about Legos when he can't play and falls asleep building. Every day! We spent some time organizing by color -here's the gray pile. Good thing I like organizing!

3. Easy meal: Get a tortilla, add favorite pizza toppings and grill. Feta and dill and lovely additions.

4. Our church has a day camp of sorts (vbs anyone?) every summer and this year I took on as the craft lady. You wouldn't think it to be difficult to come up with five 15 minute crafts -would you? I totally underestimated the time constraints thus it ended being a bit crazy. This watercolor day was my favorite.

5. Our first family vacation ever! Well, we have taken trips before -but always with family and friends and not just the four of us. We stayed at a little resort in Wisconsin -swimming, putt-putting, canoeing and enjoyed just being us.

6. We also did a bit of geocaching and gave up on our first one ever -but not without a fight! We went two different days -three different times (one time through thick buggy woods) with 2 different gps's. It was located in an active logging forest so it must have gotten logged away. But at least I got a cute picture in of my little troopers!

Also -remember Crafternoon? Read more about it on Katie's Blog -did someone say 'tattoo parlor'?!

Enjoy your summer and more Benzie instagram photos, my name is benziedesign. See you there!
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