Sunday, August 26, 2012

Introducing Scallop Wreath Kit & Giveaway!

I'm giddy -and I think you will be to. I have something for you that will make all you crafting machines happy and shout with joy! A diy wreath kit is here -and everything you need is in the kit. The instructions, the foam wreath and even the pins are included (well you'll need your fabric scissors). Can you say 'easy'?! Let's stop pinning girls -and get to the real meat -and you don't even need to go to the store for this one.

Have you seen some similar wreaths around? This wreath was originally found by Smile & Wave and then altered to make it work for a Crafternoon -and a few tweaks and packaging touches later -Benzie kits for all!

And you have five awesome color combos to choose from -I can't even pick my favorite! But go ahead -you can share yours and be entered in a giveaway for one of the kits (or I can even make you a finished one if you're not a crafty type!). Just enter your favorite combo and a winner will be announced on Monday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Felt like a tutorial: Owls

Owls sure look smart, and this is why we associate them with school studies. Now that August is here it's time again to prepare our children to return to the classroom. We pulled out the class supply lists last week and my older daughter was super excited to start gathering everything. We were able to locate 25 pencils amongst the debris from last year’s school remnants. I want to save money this year by using up the older supplies to their complete end before buying newer ones.

We did need to buy some additional items though – so we headed out to a store today to complete the task. A future kindergartener and a future 2nd grader each with list in hand, and a mom with a centrally parked cart ready to walk circles around and around the school products until each last item was located. Some items require specific knowledge… like the Vis-a-Vie markers. I felt like a pro finding them right away. We weren’t so lucky with the larger school box requested for 2nd grade though… we might have to wait and scope out what the other kids bring with them on the first day.

There probably won’t be any owls in the classrooms – those big, beautifully placed eyes are only handy for selecting prey in the wild. Owls do make awesome inspiration for art projects – simple and complex, flat and fluffy. I hope you enjoy these owls below with their variety, color and texture.

1. Owl Ornament – from Juicy Bits
This basic pattern is hand stitched together for a super cute owl.

2. Goodnight Owl Sleep Mask – from Ginger & George
Take a fashionable nap with this felt sleep mask; fusible webbing and some sewing make this doable.

3. Owl Stuffie – from Hammer & Thread
Replace the fabric with felt and stick with the more advanced sewing for a darling owl friend!

4. Plush Owl Pillow – from Joshua Trent
A simple pattern and fabric glue make a sweet home decor addition.

5. Felt Owl Measuring Tape – from Tiny Apartment Crafts
The embroidery work makes this owl a stand out, add the measuring tape in the middle for a useful tool.

6. Felt Owl Key Chain – from The Orchard in Bloom
Take this owl with you everywhere you go on your key chain; basic hand stitching is all that's needed.

7. Snuggly Owl – from Make It & Love It
The perfect pillow for anyone needing a soft squeeze; felt would work well with this pattern.

8. Felt Owls from Styrofoam Balls – from Factory Direct Craft
Cut out your felt pieces and glue them onto a styrofoam ball for this decoration.

9. Zakka Style Owl Pennant – from Moonstitches
For Christmas or just for fun, this pennant is easy to create.

Jen Van Oosbree is a stay-at-home mom with two daughters who loves volunteering on the Cultural Arts Committee at her kid's school. She brings monthly DIY selections to the world of Benzie Felt Fanfare.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Instagram Flashback: July

1. Look at that plate -roasted walleye done Italian style. It was amazing! My husband and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at a little resturant called La Sorella di Francesca. The food was delicious and the company even better. I love being married to my man. 
2. A little summer face painting party. So sweet!
3. A completed tote bag! I loosely followed patterns and instructions from the book 1-2-3 Sew. Super helpful and super detailed for a beginner sewer -but it stilled turned out a bit smaller than anticipated:  making it a perfect bag for my 5 year old daughter! Oh, and I finally used up my souvenir fabric from a trip to San Fransisco 3 years ago!
4. Functioning vintage signage is always a treat!
5. I spent a week with 4500 high-schoolers -learning about privilege and lack there-of, surrendering to Jesus and some hard work at an urban farm. 
6. And closing with my little professional strawberry slicer!

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