Friday, December 13, 2013

Monogram Christmas Ornaments // Cropadile Giveaway!

In December, my kids clamor to put up the Christmas tree ornaments -but what makes it even more special is when they have ornaments that are just for them -a ballerina for the dancer, a chess piece for the gamer and a glittery dinosaur for the preschooler. Monogramed ornaments also serve as name markers for presents or place settings at holiday dinners -something that can be taken home as their own. 

letter felt monograms

wool felt tutorial

For these ornaments you will need:
Wool Blend Felt -we used Swan, Peacock, Mustard, Ochre, Magenta and Flamingo. 
Eyelets (we used 3/16" eyelets)
Parchment paper

1. First, take 2 sheets of felt. To make it easy, I just folded a 6x9" sheet in half. Then trace the letter onto parchment paper. You can download the Futura font and numbers here. Lightly iron your parchment to your choice of felt. Check out our parchment technique for more info.

2. Then stitch right on top of the paper -you're joining the two sheets of felt together. I used a machine to do this, but it would work by hand as well! I love how easy it is to stitch a pattern this way!

3. Carefully rip away the parchment and cut around the letter. You'll want a sharp scissors for this! 

how to cropadile chart

Okay, now the next step is setting the eyelet -but before I can do that -I have got to tell you about a fun tool that will make adding eyelets much easier and quicker! It's the Crop-a-dile! First, I'll give you a quick tour:

1. Squeeze the handle and press the lock button -this will unlock the setter or lock it for compact storage.

2. The Crop-a-dile has two hole punches in 1/8" and 3/16" size (if you're looking at the photo -there is one punch at the top and one at the bottom). This preps the material (in our case, felt) to hold the eyelet. You may notice a little black knob -this is adjustable so you can evenly space multiple holes along a line.

3. This is where you actually set the eyelet - but first the combo has to be right for whatever item you are setting (the right size eyelet, snap or embellishment). This is done by popping out the little black cubes and twisting them to the setting you need. Pop it back in when you are done -and set your eyelet by placing the item between the cubes (make sure the 'base' is on the bottom -it's written on the crop-a-dile) and squeezing the handle. Works perfect every time! You can also view a video to see the tool in action.

4. Here is a handy combination chart -the top cube is designated by a letter and the bottom by a number. We are using 3/16" eyelets -so we have our Crop-a-dile set at A-1. Now back to the ornaments!

eyelet setterTo set the eyelet, make a mark where you want the eyelet to be.

how to set eyelets with cropadileWe are using 3/16" eyelets (this is the measurement of the center hole). Use the 3/16" punch on your Crop-a-dile.
how to set eyelets with cropadile

Adjust the knobs on your Crop-a-dile to A-1, place your eyelet in the hole and press. String some ribbon (we love velvet!) and you have an ornament!

letter felt pattern
I love how just adding eyelets give these ornaments so much class -definitely on my list of favorite felt tools!. We R Memory Keeps has offered to give a Crop-a-dile away to one of Benzie's guests. Just add a comment below! For two additional entries, like Benzie and We R Memory Keepers on facebook. Congratulations Laura Cox!

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