Sunday, June 15, 2014

Guest Curator: MmmCrafts

Wool blend felt.

I know some of you may think it's too early to starting thinking about Christmas -but I love nothing more than creating something meaningful that will be used year after year. And these little beauties do not need to appear just at Christmas!

Bird and pear ornaments by MmmCrafts // Benzie

This is MmmCrafts first ornament in her 12 Days of Christmas series: Partridge & Pear. See what I mean about keeping them out all year long? Larissa's shop is full of beautiful patterns. I love her mix of bright and deep colors -it's signature to MmmCrafts.

Wool blend felt // MmmCrafts // Benzie

These are the colors in her Benzie felt collection -the left side shows Swan, Moss, Fern, Mustard and Ochre. And the right side Burgundy, Carmine, Orange, Magenta and Cotton Candy. We also offer matching embroidery floss!

embroidery floss

Get MmmCrafts Partridge & Pear pattern in the MmmCrafts shop and matching felt and floss in Benzie's shop.

MmmCraft's has visited Benzie before check out her first collection and her second (I'm making a set of needle books right now!). And get crafting!


  1. Renae, your beautiful felt is so fun to work with. Thanks for letting me curate this collection!

    1. Thanks Larissa -your designs are just beautiful!


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