Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing Guest Curator: Gingermelon

I am thrilled to announce the first ever guest curator at Benzie! I first discovered Gingermelon while searching for doll patterns and fell in love with every one of the beautiful collections offered. Shelly is a true artist and a gifted crafter which is apparent in her creations. Her pixies and stufflings beg to be collected!

Shelly chose beautiful and soft colors that are reminiscent of her dolls and stuffed animals. The ten colors in her collection are Ivory, Oats, Blush, Cantaloupe, Latte, Fern, Lilac, Rainstorm, Blue Spruce and Zucchini.

These Pocket Pixie dolls shown below are my favorite. I can't wait to make them!

What a gorgeous collection! I encourage you to check out Shelly's blog and shop and let me know how you would use Gingermelons Color Collection. It's a tough choice!

Gingermelon's Color Collection can be purchased at Benzie's shop.  

Gingermelons Shop:

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