Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Felt like a tutorial: Be Mine, Valentine

His name was Russell. My third grade crush. He had spiked blond hair and I thought he was the cutest boy in the whole class. I would always put his thumb down for the game Heads up Seven up, and he always knew it was me who had done it. After our class Valentine exchange that year when we were lined up to leave for the day, I gave him a very special Valentine, an Iowa Hawkeyes watch! He accepted it and that was that. I was sure he understood how at that moment, with the gift of the watch, just how much I liked him.

I will never forget the excitement of my third grade Valentine exchange. It was so important that certain people received the simple cards, and others got ones with lots of hearts drawn on for extra emphasis! And who could forget Nathan’s mom with her cookie sheet of homemade sugar cookies with each student’s name frosted on one of them. It was not a holiday at school without one of those cookies!

The magic of Valentine’s Day is truly made better with homemade gifts. These felt finds for February are sure to give you a spark or a start on your way to making the day exceptional for those closest to you.

1. Fortune Cookies – from Martha Stewart
Felt fortune cookies stuffed with your own fun sayings.

2. Felt Rosette Ball – from Frankly Speaking Too
Decorate in style with this burst of color and texture.

3. Be My Bluebird – from Sew, Mama, Sew!
Make a valentine that will last from year to year.

4. Heart Garland – from My Pile of Sugar
A creative way to make heart shapes that will hold.

5. Valentine Pins – from The Purl Bee
These Valentine pins would be great to hand out to classmates.

6. Arrows and Hearts – from Katie Did
Let the kids use their own scissors to make these bracelet Valentines.

7. Felt Heart Pockets – from All In One Day’s Time
Stuff these darling creations with whatever candy you please.

8. Arrow Cupcake Toppers – from The Sweetest Occasion
Felt arrows to push into heart shaped treats.

9. Felt Valentines & Envelopes – from Everyday Celebrate
Fun for the kids to play with, and even more fun to giveaway. 

Jen Van Oosbree has lots of love for Benzie felt, graphic arts and anything Girl Scouts. She will be bringing monthly DIY selections to the world of Benzie Felt Fanfare.

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