Friday, May 25, 2012

Embroidery Basics: Backstitch

The backstitch is one of the most basic stitches of embroidery and is most commonly used to outline. My favorite use for the backstitch is applique on linen or when stitching Benzie's felt together. Pretty and easy!

Here is a step by step photo tutorial:
1. Working from left to right -bring your needle to the front at point one and back down again at point two.
2. Now your needle is under your fabric -bring it back up at point three making sure of even and straight stitches.
3. Backstitch through point one.
4. There you go! Your first backstitch is complete!
5. A completed row.
6. And for the backside. 

And to make this super clear -a diagram below. The top of the line represent the front side of the fabric and the bottom represents the back of the fabric.
Up at 1, down at 2. Under to 3 and back to 4...
And again! See -pretty and easy!


  1. This is the perfect tutorial and illustration of the backstitch. I am always looking for something like it to show people when I teach them. I will definitely be pinning and referring to it in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Kristin! Sometimes I need to see something more than one way to really understand how to do it -thanks for pinning!


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