Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Instagram Flashback: September

1. September was full of organizing, cleaning, and restocking. See last months #4 on the reason for my recent interest in cleaning. But isn't that a pretty view of my studio?
2. The most anticipated craft show of the year -Renegade!! Here is what my friend Katie said about it... and senior citizens. Next year I'll take a cue from them and wear my white rubber soled sneakers, it's really not worth the blisters kids. My favorite vendor by far was Poppy and Fern -oh, my -her embroidered items were just beautiful! I picked up a bowtie wearing giraffe necklace, I'm told he knows how to party. I also got to say hi to Susannah Bean, one of my very first felt customers. But most importantly I got some good friendship time in with Katie. There's nothing like an old friend.
3. We took my new 6 year old to see Disney on Ice as a late birthday present. It was done well -in traditional Disney style. I definitely appreciated the more artistic and theatrical aspects and hearing my daughter gasp 'Ariel' at the sight of The Little Mermaid. It was magical for her. Not so much for big brother. P.S. Check out the felt wand she is holding -it's from the tutorial!
4. I've had this dream of making no-knead bread in my dutch oven. But first I had to get a dutch oven. When I finally got it for a steal at a garage sale it still just sat in storage until this month. But I made chicken in it instead. Anybody have some great bread recipes? Preferably whole grain ones?
5. More organizing. I love my needle holder from The Small Object. I got that at Renegade last year.
6. And we ended the month with an 8 year old! Really! A Nerf party was in order -I made bullet baggies out of felt of course. I think I'm going to like this year. He's becoming more thoughtful and I see seeds of kindness starting to sprout. In ten years he'll be a senior in high school. Oh the places he'll go!

See you next month. For more instagram fun my name is @benziedesign.

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