Thursday, December 4, 2014

Boxwood Wreath in Wool Felt // DIY

Boxwood Wreath from Wool Felt

Everyone loves the classic look of boxwood wreaths for the holidays so we interpreted the full and fresh green leaves into a simple and slender felt leaf wreath design -one that won't die out! 

Boxwood Wreath from Wool Felt

Supplies needed:
--Your favorite green felt from Benzie. We used Moss -but Meadow or Zucchini would look great too!
--Embroidery hoops, we used 6", 7" and 8" size
--Oval Punch Die from Lifestyle Crafts, this comes with two sizes of ovals. We used the small size only. You will also need a die-cut machine. We used the Evolution.
--Ribbon, we used 1 1/2" wide linen like ribbon
--Glue gun, other glues work too but we like how fast this glue dries.

Boxwood Wreath from Wool Felt

1. This wreath is includes about 100 small felt ovals -to make the process really quick we used a die cut machine with the oval die shown in the photo. We talk more about die cutting here.
2. Now that you have a pile of ovals -you'll need one 12x18" sheet of felt to make one wreath. 
3. Heat up your glue gun and add a dot of glue to the base of your oval and pinch together. This makes your leaf.

DIY Boxwood Wreath // Benzie

The wreath is composed of two rows of leaves, use the inner and outer circle of the embroidery hoop as your guide. One leaf is placed slightly in front of the previous leaf. Each row is staggered. After you're done with the two basic rows -fill in any bald spots with extra leaves. This gives the wreath more of a natural and irregular look.

DIY Boxwood Wreath // Benzie
Finish off with some festive ribbon! The Oval Punch Die is one of my favorites. We used it to make a bouquet of wildflowers and a batch of succulents. It's perfect for forming leaves and petals -you may want this die on your wish list! Merry Christmas!

DIY Boxwood Wreath // Benzie

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  1. Simple and beautiful. Can't wait to make a few for next year!


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