Thursday, November 29, 2012

Instagram Flashback: November

1. One of the things I love most about Benzie (which is a lot!) is building customer orders. One by one the colors come off the bolt to create the custom picked rainbow. Oh, the things it will become!
2. Every year the youth group in my church host a bake sale called Yule Time Market -it's a way to raise money for summer camps and service projects. My part is designing and creating the packaging for the cookies and soup mixes we sell -I love that I can use my ribbon gifts in this way!
3. Did you see the most recent tutorial round-up at Benzie? Seriously fun!
4. I was in charge of making place-settings at our families thanksgiving celebration. Each leaf was made individually using polymer clay and alphabet stamps. It was baked then painted with metallic acrylics. Totally want to make more!
5. I'm thankful for my husband. We may be totally different on the Myers-Briggs or Ennegram scale -but we both take our oath of "for better or for worse" seriously. There is unique sort of intimacy that happens under the umbrella of commitment and I'm thankful that I get to do life with him!
6. And closing out with this custom garland for a christmas tree! In Red, Fern and Sky.

See you next month!

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